Wow ..!!! Patients warned of possible HIV, hepatitis exposure

As many as 213 patients at the medical center of the Shore may have been exposed to HIV or drug disorder hepatitiskarena by an employee, the hospital said Thursday.
The employee, who worked in the hospital pharmacy but has not been publiclyidentified, was stopped, according to the statement.

"We have been working with public health officials to determine if the pasienbisa has been exposed to blood-borne pathogens in the Shore through contact with the blood of the inikaryawan," read a statement issued by the hospital on Thursday.
Hospital officials and other related agencies, including the Office of the ProsecutorCountyAtlantic, are investigating whether one of the patients who are recipients of thedrug-obatanintravena between July 1, 2013, and 17 September 2014, have thenbecome infected with hepatitis B or C HIVatau, the statement said.
The Medical Center would not say whether a person has, in fact, tested positive so far.
The medical Beach, located on the Gulf of Ocean City, have been told all of thepasienyang may have been affected by the disorder. The alert involves yangmenerimathe patient morphine or hydromorphone as part of their care danmungkin has come up with the blood of an employee as a result. It's jugamerekomendasikan that anyonetreated with the drugs at home sick with a full year before the incident was also tested.
"We take care of patients very seriously. Through our security protocols, we identifyinconsistencies in the former pharmaceutical employees work. We immediatelysuspended the employee and do the investigation menyeluruhinternal, employeesstopped, and we were told yangtepat regulatory agencies, "the statement read.
Brian Cahill, Director of marketing and public relations for the Beach Medical Center, said the fasilitasakan have no comment beyond a four-paragraph statement.
Patients and visitors coming to promise Thursday or to see the pasienpunya feelingmix about the incident.
"Two of my children were born here, and I think it's always a cukupbaik hospital. It sounds like an isolated incident, so I'm not too khawatirtentang it, "said CynthiaGowdy, 36, Ocean City, who visited seorangteman in the hospital Thursday.
But John Sloane, 63, of Northfield, said "the problem of patient safety" matter to her.
"This is very alarming to me," said Sloane, who arrived for a medical appointment. "I'm going to find out as much information about this that I dapattentang this. "
The hospital said it has been providing free testing and support the affecteduntukpasien "through every step", and creates a special pusatpanggilan for them. The Medical Center has also partnered with the local lembagakesehatan during the testing period "to be very careful."
The New Jersey Health Department confirmed that it was working with thePantaiMedical Center to investigate "the potential infection control violations," saidThomasDawn, a spokesman for State health departments.
"Although the risk of infection is low, out of an abundance of cautionDepartemenKesehatan recommends that affected patients receivedpengujianhepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV," said Thomas.
The country has also consulted with the National Centers for Disease Control anddanpencegahan, as well as routine during the investigation, he said.

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